The Rave (written by Kaylz Anne)

Who doesn’t love the rave?!? A group of people coming together, kindred spirits dancing to the beat of the music, the universal language that connects us together.  The moment the crowd give themselves to the DJ – hands in the air, the rush we feel when the DJ plays a banger of a tune.  It’s like nothing else! Intense emotions – we all feel together, completely losing ourselves in the moment!

These days we have lost the right to rave...thanks Boris....thanks Covid19...It isn’t going to last forever though, hang in there fellow ravers!  We can still connect through live streams, radio broadcasts, yes, maybe the emotions may not be as intense – but it’s definitely better than nothing!


For me, the rave was the only place I could truly forget who I was, my anxieties and stresses in life.  In all honesty, the rave was like a meditation, a cleansing of the soul.  Dancing, cheering, connecting with fellow ravers – it was a way of relieving stress.  I would always come out of the rave a happier person, high on life, ready for anything (except the hangover the next day).

You see, at the rave the DJ takes control, they own the night, planning their sets to take you on an emotional journey with them, even whack some classics in – just to add to the rush your already feeling as the sweat drips down your face and your heart races with every beat.  You hear the banger kick in and whoosh!  From your guts it rises through your body and is released with a big cheer “YYEEEESSSSSSS TUUUUNNNEEEE!” You’ve shouted it out before you even realise it was you who shouted it!  You’re [raising the DJ, hands in the air, forgetting yourself, living your best life! Amazing.  Only music can do that to us. Only the rave!

It’s sad to think I’m writing about the rave as if it was a thing of the past...well, it sort of is at the moment.  Who knows when the next rave will be?!  We pray to the Gods that it will be sooner rather than later for all of our sanities and mental health to be saved!

I miss the rave terribly.  I know there’s so many of you out there who feel the same.  hell, I’d do those bubble raves if I had to! Although it would be impractical, steaming up and dripping all over you (sort of like when the sweat drips from the ceiling).  I’d go in those hazard suits – fully Covid safe! Anything I could to go rave just one more time, it’s been WAY TOO LONG!

The rave is more than just a night out, it could be an adventure with besties to a new country or city, the after-party you didn’t know you’d end up at, with strangers you’ve just met but are like best friends anyway. The kitchen parties ( ‘cos you’ll always find him in the kitchen at parties – that Ikea advert speaks to me on so many levels!). We make new friends, some just for that night, some for life, some you’ll only ever see at every rave you go to, no matter where it is. They’re there to rave along with you !

For me, the ultimate rave was always every Mad Friday (Friday before Christmas) at Digital Night Club in Newcastle upon Tyne, my home town.   Usually hosted by Goodgreef the trance DJ line up would always be immense and never a disappointing set was played, each one better than the next! My feet would be aching the next day, my legs cramping up but it was always worth it! Trust me I’ll be moaning the loss of the Christmas extravaganza and wearing black this mad Friday!

Fear not though fellow ravers, our radio station has your back! You can party in your kitchen, install that disco ball light and let yourself go with the tunes.

Well that’s my first Blog, it’s been a pleasure remembering the rave with you all, see you on the dance-floor soon fellow ravers!

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