The festival's are back!!!

They're actually back, tickets have been purchased , the joy I feel scrolling through Facebook to see announcement after announcement of one belter line up after another in each different festival . The BEER GARDENS are open and the sun is shinning, isn't life really starting to perk up a bit !!! There'll be ructions if Boris the bore closes us down again so he better make his next move carefully ...

I can't wait for it man. Dancing next to total strangers, who are also your #trancefam #techfam #housefam whatever the flavour is for you.

I can TASTE it already. A bumbag full of makeup I won't actually be arsed to apply or touch up again cos I'm sweating my tits off anyway and having way to much fun to give a fuck! I can't wait, VIP tickets for fast toilets, fast bars and ofcourse belter pic opportunities, then down on the dancefloor to listen to the djs set, letting him take you on the journey he's sat and planned for hours. This is the BIG come back, THE MOMENT NOT ONLY US, THE RAVERS HAVE WAITED FOR BUT THE DJS TO the sweat dropping down our foreheads, the. Topless men, the rave girls outfits for for a beach, the bright colours, the happiness, the freedom and ofcourse... THE GURNS!!!!

OH THE GURNS! let's do it people let's embrace this beautiful moment, our favourite tunes, our favourite djs, our favourite company, new and old friends, memories in the making! LETS RAVE!!!! I'll see you all on the dancefloor fellow ravers!!!!

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