Halloween on RODR

Fear not people ... Everyone loves a kitchen party and although we aren't "allowed" we can still gather outside and blast our radios right??? 2 metre "space" and our "face" masks??? Does Halloween costume count as a face mask?? Well we unite will anyway! We will unite through the power of music so get tuned into RODR because we have you well and truly covered for some of the best old and new tunes, in a range of genres from our fantastic team talented djs who hold a true passion for their chosen genre and mixing skills that would turn even your nana horny for the sesh! Belting beats all the way, no time for a rest here!

I'm not kidding we really do have a fantastic line up! So check out our posters, ( look above text) they are your key to a Halloween filled with more eargasms than your ears can handle! They really have put so much work into it (trust me , my phone's constantly going off on the group chat they're super excited to share the sets with you.

These guys have welcomed me into their family and I'm proud to be part of it. So join us on Halloween for the best beats you will hear, garunteed ! 🎃🎃

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