Don't die with your music inside you.

I'm writing to producers, all the , djs, mixers, the singers and artists now! It's a plea, don't die with your music inside you! Now, don't get me wrong, in not a murderer, but beware of the covid, we've got the lurgy, everyone is a danger blah blah blah 🤐. This is the perfect time for you all to sit in isolation and bless us with your talents! So get creative, we need you. As I mentioned in my first blog, we've lost the rave (for now, but we'll never give up on that fight) but we need you now more than ever to keep our spirits alive... We need the harmonies, the vocals, the melodies, and of course that dirty, heavy bass! We need to feel alive again - we need you! ( Remember that ww2 poster of the man wearing the army hat pointing at you, well that, but not for war, for protection of the souls of all the music lovers out there !)

Get creative, mix genres together if you have to but please save our souls from the eternal damnation of this covid hell! Keep our spirits alive, there's nothing better than hearing a brand new beat and melody. Sometimes I'm taken away by a new piece of music so much, I close my eyes , soak it into my body, feel the beat inside my chest, I can listen to a new track that sweeps me off my feet time and time again. Then whenever I hear it again my body is filled with that beautiful emotion I call music euphoria. Oooh, I love that feeling . You can close your eyes and you're taken back to memories of happiness and bliss. Beauty!

Don't die with your music inside you, it doesn't just have to speak to musicians though, your music could be your skill, whatever is it, it could be your passion. It's almost the same as don't die with regrets of not trying to succeed in life in areas your heart desires, but die with the knowledge that you tried everything that you wanted to, succeeded in some no doubt! Don't die without your passion still burning in your soul, don't let that piece of your eyes lose their sparkle until the last moment . It's a miracle were here, in this world at this moment , so let's share the moment and the music together and sparkle bright like the stars that we are!

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