Christmas rave fest

Ok we know it's not actually the case we can't rave this season but those kitchen raves are going to happen and we all know it! Imagine all the stuffed animals we bring as a crowd and dont deny it!

We just need to be festive, and what better way than to rave ya tits off, in your kitchen, in your sitting room, bedroom - hell - you can do it in the bath (my favourite place to sing or blast my tunes and I bet many others too as the acoustics are always spot on echoing against the tiles 😂😂😂🤷.

Anyway if the socks can rave in the washing machine, some even getting lost along the way, then we can enjoy our Christmas festivities covid or no covid! RODR happen to have you covered, as usual on that one ofcourse! Check out our webpage or the below for all art work and djs who will be gracing you with the musical jingles and ofcourse the eargasms over our festive season... Trust me is ONE HELL OF A LINE UP!!! And our residant djs have been working hard to think of all the best tracks to make sure you just can't keep still... We're doing you a favour really, working off all those Christmas calories 😉.

I'm usually getting ready for my festive mad Friday trance party at Digital nightclub in my hometown Newcastle upon Tyne, but sadly this year we all miss out. But not really, we may not be on the dancefloor together but we can all still have a good old bop about , think of all the space you'll have now to really get your grove on. I know this sounds a bit wierd but I will miss the random moments you have with the fellow ravers, sharing water 💦 in times of need, comparing gurns of the people who clearly have had enough or way too much 😂, the moment of embrace with a stranger just cos they share that favourite tune with you. Soul mates found and lost on the dancefloor ! Next year is the year though . I hope you all enjoy what we have in store for you this festive season, infact I don't have to hope I know you will! Enjoy your holidays and hang in there, we'll meet on the dancefloor soon.

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